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Stress and jaw bone disorders

Publicado el: 20 February, 2014. Categoría: News. No Comments

If you have difficulty   in opening or closing your mouth, or are experiencing pain or feel a kind of “ click “of your jaw when you move it, then you might be suffering from a temporomandibular disorder.  These disorders can also produce such symptoms as headaches, earaches, nausea, tinnitius ( ringing of the ears),  loss of hearing, backache, sore jaw or a pain in the neck.

These disorders are due to many causes, one of them being BRUXISM (This is a habit of grinding or clenching  your teeth,usually during the night)  mostly caused by stress or anxiety. An  abnormal bite could also be the problem.

The treatments for these disorders  range from home remedies, a change of habits, plaques or mouth guards made to your specicifications to be used at night when you are asleep, orthodontic treatment correction ( position of teeth and jaws), problems concerning restorative treatments and even surgery in more complicated cases.

In any case you can rest assure that we will find a solution for your particular problem.

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