Welcome to allsmiles, we are an Advanced Oral Rehabilitation and Aesthetic Center based in Bogotá, Colombia. Our goal is to provide you with excellent restorative and aesthetic dental care in order to obtain the smile you always dreamed of.

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Scared of the dentist?

Don’t be!

At allsmiles we have partnered with an experienced anesthesiologist, Dr. Adriana Maria Rubiano, who can provide Consious Sedation for your comfort. Conscious Sedation can help you to relax and block pain during a medical or dental  procedure. Tipically you stay awake, breathe on your own and are able to speak and respond to verbal comands. This type of sedation allows you to recover quicky and return to your every-day activities.

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  • All Smiles Oficinas
  • All Smiles Oficinas
  • All Smiles Oficinas
  • All Smiles Oficinas

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